Saturday, March 5, 2011

Orayiram Parvayile - Vallavanukku vallavan (1960)

One of my all time favorite songs in Thamizh, sung by TMS in Thamizh and Mohammed Rafi in Hindi.

Brilliant composition, brilliantly sung and even more brilliantly written by Kannadasan. The beauty of the lyrics lie (for the lack of a better way to put it) in the way words work with each other.

I can identify you from you eyes, and I can understand your love from the sound of your footsteps... A death changes the love of mere mortals, and the smell of all those flowers will fade with the sun... but the light from our love will lead us forever... It's like words dripping from his mouth, the words being honey, of course. It's not even the words, but the choice of words for each meaning and it's like, they play with each other.

Except for "Un kaaladi osayile, un kaadhalai naan ariven.", which I think rings a wrong bell somewhere (God knows what), I've been in love with the song ever since I was little.

TMS and Rafi sing this brilliantly (yeah they live through their songs, don't they?), no doubt about that...but I just love the way it was written way back then. The 'sau baar janam lenge' part in the Hindi version looks like a direct translation of the prelude, but the later stanzas don't seem to match at all (could someone who knows both languages check that and let me know?)

Music Director: Veda (traditionally, he is someone who picks Hindi songs and turns them into Thamizh songs, or so I have been told, but surprisingly, this song seems to have come out in Thamizh first and Hindi a few years later)


Nooru murai pirandhaalum, nooru murai irandhaalum,
Unai pirindhu veguthooram naan oru naalum povadillai...
Ulagathin kangalile uruvangal maraindhalum
Ondraana ullangal orunaalum maraivadillai...

Oraayiram parvayile, un paaravayai naan ariven;
Un kaaladi osayile, un kaadhalai naan ariven.
Oraayiram parvayile, un paaravayai naan ariven...

Indha maanidar kaadhal elaam,
Oru maranathil maarividum;
Andha malargalin vaasamellam,
oru maalaikul vaadividum.

Nam kaadhalin deepam matum, endha naalilum kooda varum...

Oraayiram parvayile, un paaravayai naan ariven;

Un kaaladi osayile, un kaadhalai naan ariven.

Indha kaatrinil naan kalanden, 
Un kangalai thazhuvugindren;
Indha aatrinil oduginren, 
Un aadayil aaduginren.

Naan pogindra paadhai elaam un poomugam kaanugindren...

Oraayiram parvayile un paaravayai naan ariven;
Un kaaladi osayile, un kadhalai naan ariven.
Orayiram parvayile un paaravayai naan ariven...



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